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Have you ever wanted to spy on the competition, and find out how your marketing compares?

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  • Review your current digital marketing strategies.
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With the support of our team, you will know the best strategies the most successful local businesses are using to make money and a trackable ROI on their marketing spend, so that you don't waste another dollar.


With Refresh's CUSTOMER FACTORY PLUS marketing system, you will be able to streamline all marketing campaigns along the "customer journey." From capture to close, turning strangers into customers, and customers into raging fans.


"Ryan is a marketing WIZARD. He's helped me take my business to the next level!"

Cari Eskridge, owner, I Do Idaho Weddings & Events

"Not only has he helped my business, we are thriving now because of him!"

Dr. Troy Jaques, owner, Twin Falls Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinic

"Ryan is the marketing wizard. Very good for my business."

David Taylor, owner, Twin Falls Estate Planning

"A big shout to this guy! The marketing guru of the Magic Valley! So humble and so willing to help just about anyone... What an amazing man, friend and businessman. An asset to our community."

Danny Harkins, owner, Allstate Insurance Agency

"Marketing isn't my thing, but it's Ryan's and he's incredible at it! Each time I have a conversation with Ryan I learn something new. His enthusiasm is contagious and it's so easy to see Ryan loves what he does. Thank you, Ryan, for all that you do!"

Nicola Vitkovich, owner, Faster Changes Integrative Changework

"Ryan looks at marketing from a whole new perspective. If you allow him, he will put you way ahead of your competition! He is great at what he does!"

Mandi Riddle, broker/co-owner, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

"He has a good sense of modern advertising theories in regards of how to use social media and what our targeting environment should be."

Richard Berger, Chef/GM, Canyon Crest

"Ryan is the go-to guy if you want results in marketing. I've tried other marketing campaigns... But it was really nice to simplify and have appointments set in my calendar. All I had to do was show up."

Tara Hansen, owner, Kitchen Tune-Up

"It works. Whatever you guys are doing, it works. It's remarkable the number of people that have come in that didn't know who we were, where we're at, had never been in before. We're signing up people every day."

Robert Winner, owner, Real Deals Boutique

Who Is Refresh For?

Refresh Digital Marketing is for local businesses who need more appointments on their calendar, more butts in their seats, or more customers walking in their door. Many times people are so focused on what they're doing in their business, that marketing and growth strategy go to the the back of their minds. Our unique CUSTOMER FACTORY PLUS system captures, nurtures and delivers customers on-demand, so that you can just focus on what you do best.

What Does Refresh Do?

We're often asked, "So what do you do? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube? Email, Text, Messenger? Websites, SEO, SEM, PPC? Funnels? Lead Generation? Appointment Booking? Reputation Management?"

The short answer: Yes.

But it's so much more than that.

Other digital marketing agencies will sell you "Clicks" and "Likes." But did you go into business hoping to earn clicks, or to earn money? Far as we know, you can't pile up all your Likes, take them to the bank and deposit them.

The difference is in Refresh's CUSTOMER FACTORY PLUS system, which goes way beyond any other marketing solution you have experienced.

Can I Hire Refresh?

Refresh Digital Marketing is not for every business, but we'd love to talk with you, and find out whether we're a great fit. Click the GET STARTED button, and let our experts take a look at your marketing strategy and identify areas of opportunity.

Social Media Management

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